University of Hawaii at Manoa Graduates Kauai and Maui Consortium ADN to BSN Students

With a new curriculum package the academic partners are charting a pathway  to increase:

  • Capacity in Hawai‘i nursing programs
  • Access to nursing education throughout the State
  • Efficiency in educational preparation of nurses
  • The number of Bachelor of Science (BS) prepared nurses

The consortium model allows for a seamless transition for associate degree (AD) nurses to obtain a Baccalaureate degree, . It addresses the Hawai’i’s projected nursing shortage by providing flexible pathways to higher degrees allowing more students to enroll, regardless of their island of residence. The consortium curriculum increases efficiency in the educational preparation of nurses by avoiding unnecessary duplication of course work , sharing learning resources, and streamlining the delivery of nursing education throughout the UH campuses. By using one curriculum and technology, faculties share resource materials and best practices while building on each other’s work. Such a coordinated and efficient approach increases educational options and may shorten the time to graduation. . The first and second years of the nursing curriculum are the same at all campuses, with the emphasis on pre-requisite courses before moving to higher level classes. The third year of study (second year of the consortium curriculum) marks a decision point for community college students in the program when they are given the option to exit their program with an AD or complete a BSN with a fourth year of study. AD graduates remain on their home islands to complete the BSN with courses taught online and/or via video teleconferencing. Clinical rotations are conducted by UHM faculty members on each island. Faculty members may be living on the Neighbor Island or UHM faculty travel to the neighbor island sites to evaluate students’ progress throughout the semester. The first class of 12 students graduated in May 2013 followed by a second Maui class of 6 in December 2013. Students report that tuition cost is a major barrier to continuing their education.  UHM is conducting a program review to identify facilitators and barriers to continuing progression.