A VISION FOR Doctoral Preparation for Nurse Educators

NLN Board of Governors, November 2013

A strong advocate of nursing education, the National League for Nursing’s A Vision For Doctoral Preparation for Nurse Educators presents education on doctoral level at the forefront of educational reform – seeing the nurse educator as a vital way to advance the nation’s health.

The 2011 Institute of Medicine Report identifies the critical need for more nurse educators, specifically those with doctoral preparation. Although ever increasing demands in healthcare and higher education beg for doctorally prepared nurses, only 25 percent of full-time faculty at all ranks have doctoral degrees (NLN, 2009).

With prevailing changes in nursing and healthcare delivery systems the NLN believes it is imperative to put together a diverse pool of nurse educators who are equipped to prepare nurses with well-developed clinical reasoning skills. As noted in the vision statement, “The National League for Nursing believes that it is critical that doctoral programs in nursing, including both research and practice doctorates, prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills to teach, to provide leadership for transforming education and health care systems, and to conduct or translate research in nursing education.”

The NLN vision statement points to a call of action that is addressed by a series of recommendations for the nursing profession, for all doctoral programs, for all doctoral programs preparing nurse educators, for deans, directors, chairs of nursing programs, and concluding with a call to action for the National League for Nursing. To read the entire text, click here.